Petite in Pink Unicorn Bouquet



Birthdays and hearts and unicorns, oh my! Our Petite in Pink Magical Unicorn Bouquet is the first in a series of three separate sizes of unicorn bouquets, all perfectly tailored to suit your needs. The Petite bouquet features 1 jumbo unicorn balloon, 2 18” hearts, and 1 18” round unicorn happy birthday balloon. The series of 5 balloons will light up your little lady’s smile and fill all your party guests with whimsy and wonder!


Petite Unicorn Bouquet 


Balloons in this bouquet:

1 Jumbo Unicorn Head

2 18” Hearts

1 18” Round Unicorn Happy Birthday 


Four Balloons total 

Anchored on a weight


Helium filled 

All foil bouquet


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